Venue Tours & Virtual Tours 

Plan on a full day of information and fun! We start by getting to know you, your vision, ideal location, guest count and budget. We will then set up a personalized portfolio & then spend a full day with you touring venues. At each venue we will walk you thru your creative vision, provide you with all the details and answers to logistical questions.

Why Hire us? 

We save you time! Of course you can go online and tour yourself, but but there are always unknowns that happen after you sign the contract. For example, you may need to increase your budget to include extra rentals, special delivery and set up fees, transportation or lighting. Since we know all the details and have worked at these venues we will lay it all out in your portfolio and make sure you tour the venues that will meet your needs and work within your budget. 

We Save you money!

Many couples are shocked after they overspend on their venue and realize they they do not have any additional funds for designing and planning. We work with you on your "must have list" so you do not miss out on the incredible photographer, designer, or other detail you wanted. 

Avoid Stressful situations!

If you book a non-traditional venue, one the most stressful aspects is planning for rain. As experienced planners we have planned for and worked in all weather conditions. We make sure to walk your through the rain plan and educate you on the costs before you book a venue. This is just one example of how we can keep you informed ahead of time and avoid unnecessary stress during your planning process.

We have access to venues you will not find on the web or social media! 

That's right. We have our ear to the ground and are well connected within the industry. We know new and upcoming venues in Maine before the public does. 

We are committed only to you!

We do not work on venue commissions (commonly call kickbacks or referral fees) We do have a few properties we are brokers for but that is disclosed to you upfront. We leave all possibilities open, making you, the client, our top priority (not ourselves or the venue) What our clients love the most is that there are no strings attached. 

Let us help you get started today! 

Call Maine Venue Brokers to set up a consultation. 

Full Day Tours, Virtual Tours, and Customized Portfolios starting at $1,500.00.